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NSW - Vet Nurses required for Admin/Recruitment positions

Attn: Vet Nurses looking for a change. Join a Veterinary Recruitment/Admin Team! Vetlink Employme[...]

WA - Looking for a change from vet nursing?

Vetlink Employment Service is searching for exceptional vet nurses to join our team in Perth, WA. Th[...]

QLD - Veterinary Receptionist

Stones Corner Vet has felt the “summer rush” all throughout winter so we are searching for a special[...]

NSW -Casual veterinary nurse

POSITION AVAILABLE: CASUAL VETERINARY NURSE King Street Veterinary Hospital Murwillumbah, NSW We [...]

QLD -Full Time Veterinary Nurse - The Gap Veterinary Surgery

The Gap Veterinary Surgery is seeking a full time Veterinary Nurse, to commence as soon as possible.[...]
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