Instinct. Focus. Speed


The next 2 sentences either make complete sense to you, or confuse you completely …………
You still love being a veterinarian and using your knowledge to help clients and pets. You find yourself feeling inclined – but also concerned – about going back to work as a vet (So if this rings a bell for you then ……. read on).
We are a small clinic – we aren’t a corporate clinic and we aren’t a large organisation with lots of staff who you will never get to know well (and we don’t aspire to ever be those things)
We need knowledge and skills on a part time basis – maybe 1 -2 days a week from somebody who wants to do vetting, but doesn’t want the pressure of meeting KPI’s or dealing with staff histrionics. Perhaps you have just sold your practice, or been a stay at home parent but now want to go back to the profession you still love, deep down.
Our clients need a vet like you who wants to use their skills and knowledge to provide practical, thorough diagnosis and treatment for the animal and effective communication to that client as to why this is the best way to help their pet.
You just want happy clients and healthy pets. So do we.
If you feel like chatting then you can call Michael
(08)9295 6777 or 0466553432
or email to
Let’s face it, being a vet can be great. Want to go back to that sense of achievement and purpose that you once had?


Phone: 0892956777
Business Name: Paws and Claws Vet Clinic

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